testimonial 1

Range Hood Filters Inc, this is Debbie in Little Rock, Arkansas. We received the rotating fan this afternoon, attached it, and it rotates so smooth and evenly! As you said, the blades are a bit shorter but this did not adversely affect the rotation. I still can’t believe that the place it was purchased 16 years ago tried to persuade me that it was irreparable.

Thank you so much for the professional, friendly, helpful attitude that was shown to me. I want to see more Americans repairing what we have, buying from other Americans, recycling… Repairing instead of replacing… Growing industry inside of America instead of shipping our people out…

I am starting to look at where things are grown, manufactured, produced… And I hope that all Americans are starting to think about what we have here and how to keep it.

– Sincerely, Debbie – Little Rock, Arkansas