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Welcome! We are a U.S. manufacturer of grease and odor filters for kitchen range hoods and over-the-range microwave ovens. We stock thousands of OEM brand replacements. If you do not find your exact filter, you can build your own! Receive Free Shipping on all orders and enjoy a no-hassle free exchange or 30-day money back guarantee.

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Range Hood Filters, Inc.

Range  Hood & Microwave  FiltersRangehoodfilter RLF0702 Rangaire 610027 Aluminum Grease Filter Range Hood Microwave Oven Light Lens

Dear Range Hood Filters Inc, this is Debbie in Little Rock, Arkansas
Thank you so much for the professional, friendly, helpful attitude that was shown to me. I want to see more Americans repairing what we have, buying from other Americans, recycling, repairing instead of replacing. A growing industry inside of America instead of shipping our people out.
I am starting to look at where things are grown, manufactured, produced and I hope that all Americans are starting to think about what we have here and how to keep it.
Sincerely, Debbie – Little Rock, Arkansas

Range  Hood & Microwave  FiltersRangehoodfilter RHF0844 Thermador 19-11-860 Aluminum Grease Filter Range Hood Microwave Oven

Hi Range Hood Filters Inc, and thank you for taking my phone order. I can tell that you love what you do! I’m so grateful to find my Thermador filter! As I told you, mine is so gnarly it won’t stay in place and despite my trying everything to soak it in degreaser, scrub it with suds and use a pressure washer; nothing can de-gunk over 20 years of bacon grease and other lovely deposits! I looked all over the Theramdor site to no avail–nobody seemed to have anything longer than 18″. As they say in Cally “You The Man!” And how great to know that someone out there is living the dream~! I look forward to receiving the new filter–ah the little things in life! 🙂 Have a lovely weekend, and thanks again for the personal service.

Range  Hood & Microwave  FiltersRangehoodfilter RRF0601 Broan 99010240 Aluminum Grease Filter Range Hood Microwave Oven

Dear Range Hood Filters, Inc.,
Thank you for such speedy shipment of my range filter. It is exactly what I needed, and I am grateful that I could find this product on your site for such a reasonable cost.
Sincerely, Nancy

Range  Hood & Microwave  FiltersRangehoodfilter RHF1032 Electrolux 5303307779 Aluminum Grease Filter Range Hood Microwave Oven

Hi Range Hood Filters Inc,
Thank you very much for your great customer service! I wasn’t sure how satisfied we’d be dealing with an “unknown” found on the internet, but my experience with you was top notch!
Thank you so much for making our shopping with you so easy.

Range  Hood & Microwave  FiltersRangehoodfilter RHF0914 Whirlpool 4342003 Aluminum Grease Filter Range Hood Microwave Oven

Dear Range Hood Filters, Inc.,
Thanks for sending along the cc receipt on my order.
The filters actually arrived last Thursday or Friday and, as you predicted, I am very pleasantly surprised at the quality of construction. It helps that they are also a perfect fit. Thanks again. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
Bill E

Range  Hood & Microwave  FiltersRangehoodfilter RHP0808 GE WB02X10700 Aluminum Carbon Grease Odor Smoke Filter Range Hood Microwave Oven Basket

Range Hood Filters Inc,
Thank you thank you thank you! It fits beautifully and works like a charm.
Thank you so much and I will tell my friends.

Range  Hood & Microwave  FiltersRangehoodfilter RHF1102 Broan 99010202 Aluminum Grease Filter Range Hood Microwave Oven

Dear Range Hood Filters, Inc.
Thank you for your service and I am well pleased with your product. I like the way you run your business. I took your card down to our local appliance dealer and told him of the outstanding service from your company. He was very happy to receive the contact.
Have a good year.

Range  Hood & Microwave  FiltersRangehoodfilter RHF0313 Whirlpool 4174973 Aluminum Grease Filter Range Hood Microwave Oven

Dear Range Hood Filters Inc,
The range hood filters just arrived and I immediately took them out of the box and checked the fit. Not only did they arrive on time, but they are PERFECT!!! Thank you so much for your prompt turn-around on these and the fact that they fit! It’s taken years of disappointment because we couldn’t find a replacement. We’ve been limping along, patching the old one. I will certainly let others know about you. Thanks again.

Range  Hood & Microwave  FiltersRangehoodfilter RLF1114 Rangaire Sr610045 Aluminum Grease Filter Range Hood Microwave Oven Light Lens

No problem, and thank you for being so pleasant and helpful! You are different from the other businesses, in that you treat the customer with respect; and these days, the customer truly appreciates that, and will refer others as well as use your services again. That will make you more successful! Wishing you all the best in business.

Range  Hood & Microwave  FiltersRangehoodfilter RCP0546 Whirlpool 8206230 Carbon Odor Smoke Filter Range Hood Microwave Oven

I am really pleased, Range Hood Filters Inc. They fit perfectly. My goodness, we are so happy to have found your web site. The postman who delivered them said he was going to keep the address because he too has filters he cannot find replacements for. There you go!
Thanks again. Do have a wonderful day.
M.L. Toronto, Canada

Range  Hood & Microwave  FiltersRangehoodfilter RHF1029 Miami-Carey 332vp Aluminum Grease Filter Range Hood Microwave Oven

I received the filter that I ordered yesterday. I believe the filter that was in the unit was the original and I had tried various ways of cleaning it. It was just on a whim that I decided to go on line and see if replacements were available. I found your site right away. I am thrilled with the replacement. I had no problem installing it and it looks so much better! I was also thrilled with the reasonable cost! Thank you so much.
Maureen – Omaha, NE

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